Schmalz Miniature Electric Vacuum Generator ECBPM

Small, Strong and Electric

Schmalz adds electrical vacuum generators to its product family. The new CobotPump ECBPM (M stands for “Mini”) is designed especially for the automated handling of small parts with a single suction cup. This lightweight and compact solution is typically used on collaborative robots with a lifting capacity of up to three kilograms.


Like its big brother, the ECBPi, the vacuum is produced fully by electrical power and without using compressed air. As a result, there is no need for conventional hoses, which makes it much easier to use both in mobile robotics and for stationary handling tasks with collaborative robots. The heartbeat of the pump is provided by an extremely low-wear motor. It produces a vacuum of up to 400 mbar and a suction rate of one liter per minute. That allows the small CobotPump to generate enough suction force to perform tasks such as bin picking, where it serves as a reliable tool for picking up airtight objects from containers. Furthermore, an energy saving control mode ensures particularly efficient operation: It interrupts vacuum generation as soon as a specific vacuum level is reached, and does not reactivate it again until it falls below a specific minimum vacuum level.

While developing the ECBPM, Schmalz focused on compact dimensions, a low weight and simple commissioning. The new vacuum component measures just 63 millimeters in diameter and around 56 millimeters in height, and is therefore easy to integrate into systems in tight spaces. Thanks to its flange adapter plate and central electrical interface with an M8 plug, the ECBPM can be installed quickly and operated immediately in keeping with its “plug and produce” principle.

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