Featured Manufacturer: Schmalz

With individual vacuum components ranging from suction pads to special grippers to vacuum generators, Schmalz has a hugely diverse product portfolio that can be precisely tailored to a variety of requirements. As well as this range of individual components, the portfolio includes Schmalz vacuum gripping systems, which are available as large-area or layer gripping systems and suction spiders. Their modular design gives these complete and ready-to-connect systems maximum flexibility for custom application. Vacuum handling systems from Schmalz simplify work processes and ensure gentle and efficient handling of workpieces, while our clamping solutions offer precise and reliable clamping functions tailored to your requirements. In the area of vacuum technology, Schmalz offers a hugely diverse product and service portfolio that can be adapted to create the optimum solution for specific customer needs and ideas. You can also find more information in our new vacuum component catalog, showcasing over 3,500 products on 700 pages – and guaranteed to have the right solution for any task.

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