Featured Manufacturer: Precise Automation

Precise Automation has over 30 years of experience in flexible assembly automation.  They have developed a hardware and software architecture that allows you to set up and program a material handling or assembly automation system very quickly.  A major goal for the new architecture is to eliminate the need to bring in an automation expert to set up and run systems. Traditional robots require safety barriers that are expensive, consume a great deal of bench/floor space and obstruct access to the work cell. COLLABORATIVE robots are mechanisms that can be safely used without the need of safety barriers. This approach reduces the work cell cost and size and permits users to safely access equipment without stopping or slowing down production. Similarly, COLLABORATIVE robots significantly reduce damage to other equipment when accidental collisions occur. Precise Automation's COLLABORATIVE robots were specifically designed to limit all collision forces. These robots will not injure users or equipment even if they collide with them at full speed. All Precise Automation COLLABORATIVE robots have been measured and certified by TUV to exert forces that fall within the force guidelines for COLLABORATIVE robots as defined by the recent ISO/TS 15066 Standard on COLLABORATIVE Robots. Even maximum speed collisions in free space are well under the ISO force limits for operator safety.

Precise Automation Products We Supply

Collaborative Robots - SCARA, Cartesian, 6-Axis
Sample Handler
Visual Servoing
Custom Robots