Featured Manufacturer: HyperCyl

Aries Engineering Co., Inc. is a diversified manufacturer of "hydra-pneumatic" cylinders and presses designed for use in a wide range of assembly and forming applications. After pioneering new technology in air/oil intensification in 1994, AEC has grown to offer a complete range of assembly and forming solutions for customers in the industrial automation, manufacturing, commercial, and defense industries. AEC's success stems directly from its commitment to its customers and distribution network. AEC has long offered technically unique products backed with a solid pledge of customer service. AEC has listened to what its customers have requested in terms of quality, problem-solving solutions and emerging product needs, and applied them to our products. As a result, we enjoy a large diverse customer base within the automotive, medical, electronic/electrical, appliance, and aerospace industries. Beginning in 1994 AEC/HyperCyl recognized the need for evaluating customer assembly and forming applications to determine the force/distance, time and finished product requirements prior to press and fixture design and the purchasing of equipment. For this reason AEC/HyperCyl built an Application Test Lab to evaluate, through actual assembly of customer provided components, a complete finished or sub-assembly part at no charge to the customer. All supplied material accompanied with a complete evaluation documentation report is typically returned to the customer within 24 hours of receipt at AEC's facility. Additionally, AEC/HyperCyl has an extensive database containing hundreds of previous assembly and forming applications available for customers use and access.

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