IXA High-Speed SCARA Robot

Fastest in the Industry! Introducing the New SCARA Robot IXA!

The high-speed IXA SCARA Robot holds the fastest cycle times and yet achieves a lower price than previous SCARA models. The arch motion smoothly blends both horizontal and vertical motion to accomplish continuous high-speed cycle times.

1. Fastest Cycle Times

The following measurements were taken during arch motion cycle operation under the following conditions.

2. Achieves a Lower Price
The new SCARA robot is even more affordable than previous models. Plus, it offers even better performance and functionality.

3. Low Vibration, Accurate Positioning
Higher rigidity and optimized control mean significantly less vibration while stopping.

4. Equipped with a Battery-less Absolute Encoder as Standard
There is no need to replace batteries and less maintenance.

5. Mechanical Structure/Features

Download IXA SCARA Robot Brochure