Festo MS Series Service Units

With its large product range, highly functional components and a wide choice of services, the MS series from Festo offers a complete concept for compressed air preparation. For simple standard applications as well as application-specific solutions with the highest quality requirements.

Whether you require individual components, pre-assembled combinations, application-specific combinations or ready-to-install solutions, we have you covered.

Maximum flow rates combined with minimum space requirement: this saves money, since you can often use a smaller service unit than would be needed with other comparable service units. Thanks to the integrated pressure and flow sensors of the MS series, you can count on exceptionally reliable compressed air preparation and supply for your installation.

  • Extremely high flow rates of up to 28,000┬ál/min
  • Individual configuration in the modular system
  • Built-in pressure/flow sensors
  • Built-in safety valves
  • Energy efficiency thanks to the size mix or the energy efficiency module MSE6-E2M

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