Festo CPX-E Modular Control System

The CPX-E system is a high-performance system for factory automation. It consists of individual function modules that can be used to create a modular, compact and very flexible system. Depending on the module combination, the system can be used as a purely remote I/O system or as a (centralised or decentralised) control system for factory or process automation.

From a functional point of view, the CPX-E control units are designed as EtherCAT master controllers and motion controllers. These are high-performance control units which can be used both for extensive PLC functions and, in the Motion Control M1 variant, also for multi-axis applications with interpolation.

In addition to comprehensive PLC functions and multi-axis applications with interpolation, the CPX-E can be easily integrated into existing host systems using the PROFINET device interface or EtherNet/IP slave interface. The OPC UA client and server functions ensure easy integration and interoperability in Industry 4.0 host environments with cloud and digitalization concepts.

Different modules are available for using it as a compact motion control or low-cost remote I/O.

  • – Standardized CODESYS V3 programming interface as of SP10
  • – Integrated motion functions such as SoftMotion
  • – EtherCATĀ® master interface as well as other fieldbus bus slave interface
  • – IO-LinkĀ® master module (4 channels)*
  • – Digital* and analogue input and output modules
  • – Counter module

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Festo CPX-E