ELECylinder – Simple Electric Actuators

ELECYLINDER, IAI’s simple electric linear actuator series can be operated simply by ON/OFF signal like solenoid valve. It’s easy to operate for beginners of electric actuators too.

You can adjust AVD (A=Acceleration, V=Velocity, D=Deceleration) individually by input percentage. It can start/stop at high speed smoothly. Cycle-time and trouble recovery time will be reduced.

Reduces Electricity Bills
The difference in the rate of power consumption for the ELECYLINDER® and air cylinders depends on the operational frequency. The higher the operational frequency, the more effective the energy-saving becomes. Based on tests conducted by IAI, the ELECYLINDER®’s power consumption under certain conditions is 1/6 that of air cylinders.

Easily Reduce Cycle Times
Air cylinders cannot operate at high velocity due to the impact at stroke ends which occurs when excess velocity is applied. The ELECYLINDER® can start and stop smoothly at high velocity, reducing cycle time.

Long Service Life
Instead of an impact mechanism, the ELECYLINDER® incorporates a ball screw and ball circulating type built-in linear guide to achieve a long service life. Based on calculation using the conditions below, the lifespan of the ELECYLINDER® is five times longer than that of air cylinders.